Ep 19: New York Times Advertising Columnist Stuart Elliott Talks Cause Marketing

This week, Megan and Joe talk with Stuart Elliott, advertising columnist at The New York Times about his recent article on "Seeking Success by Helping to Feed the Hungry." In it, Stuart profiles a new campaign called Run 10 Feed 10. Each person who registers to run in 10-kilometer races to be held in 11 cities this fall will trigger 10 meals to people in need in the runner’s community.

The partners in the initiative are Unilever, on behalf of four brands, Degree Women, Ragú, Simple and Vaseline; Women’s Health magazine, published by Rodale; the Feed Foundation; and Crowdrise, a Web site that uses social networking and crowdsourcing to help raise money for charities.

We discuss how this new campaign may represent a new area of opportunity for media companies that have previously let brands take center stage with cause marketing initiatives. Stuart also reflects on the growth of cause marketing the past few years and where the industry may be headed.

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Ep 18: 5 Cause Marketing Trends

This week Joe and Megan discuss 5 cause marketing trends as highlighted in Network for Good's latest white paper. From crowdsourced philanthropy to social enterprise spin-offs, examples of relevant, effective cause marketing that helps business do well by doing good abound in today's episode. We explore how (and why) companies transform "one off" cause-related products into signature cause platforms, how "invisible" sustainability initiatives comes to life through consumer-facing cause efforts and why local activation is still a powerful weapon in a cause marketer's arsenal. 

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Ep 17: Causepreneur Jonah Lupton on New Start-up, Cauzly

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan Strand and Joe Waters chat with cause-preneur Jonah Lupton about his new business Cauzly.com. A serial entrepreneur, Jonah shares his insights on starting a cause businesses and the unexpected—yet rewarding—challenges. He also talks about his prolific tweeting, how it benefits his business and how you can grow your own following to rival his—over 200,000 strong!

Ep 16: Cause Marketing Legal Advice to Keep You Out of Jail

Today on Cause Talk Radio, we chat with legal experts Kristalyn Loson and Jonathan Pompan, both lawyers in the advertising and nonprofit practice at Venable LLP.

From the basics of commercial co-ventures and unrelated business income tax (UBIT) to common legal mistakes made by cause marketers, Kristalyn and Jonathan bring an important perspective to today’s episode.

Think your cause marketing’s not going to attract the attention of attorneys general? Think again and get up to speed by listening to today’s episode of Cause Talk Radio.

Ep 14: Cause Marketing, Cause Branding, CSR: What's the Difference?

Listen to Ep 14: Cause Marketing, Cause Branding, CSR: What's the Difference?

Today Joe and Megan chat with Craig Bida to clarify, once and for all, what the difference is between CSR, cause marketing and cause branding.  Don't know the difference yourself? Today's show's a must-listen. Craig's background in consumer products at P&G frames the conversation and we take a deep dive into the evolution of this field of doing well by doing good.

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Ep 13: Events, Cause and Mobile Collide with MoZeus

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe chat with MoZeus COO Charles Jones about effectively engaging consumers at events. Gone are the days where setting up a booth with kitchy prizes would attract attention. Charles explains how MoZeus is working in a cause marketing capacity with AARP to deepen consumer engagement at NASCAR events in support of their Drive to End Hunger initiative via a tablet-based application. The engagement has been successful in increasing consumer engagement as well as donations in support of their cause partnership.

Ep 12: Phil McCarty, Godfather of Cause Talks Nonprofit Branding, Corporate Alliances

Listen to Ep 12: Phil McCarty, Godfather of Cause Talks Nonprofit Branding, Corporate Alliances

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and Joe talk with Phil “The Godfather of Cause Marketing” McCarty about the signature cause marketing program he helped create, St. Jude’s Thanks and Giving. Phil also offers some great advice and insights for nonprofits that want to realize their own Thanks and Giving aspirations.

Ep 10: Atlantic BT Talks Mobile, Nonprofit and $25k Contest

Listen to Ep 10: Atlantic BT Talks Mobile, Nonprofit and $25k Contest

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Tonia Zampieri, Mobile Strategist, Atlantic BT about how mobile technology is changing nonprofit communications and cause marketing partnerships. They discuss having separate mobile strategies for smartphones and tablets, and some new research on the connection between emotion and mobile ads.

Tonia also walks us through a new contest being sponsored by Atlantic BT that will give one lucky nonprofit a mobile makeover worth $25,000!

Ep 09: March of Dimes Stakes Claim to Cause Marketing with imbornto

Listen to Ep 09: March of Dimes Stakes Claim to Cause Marketing with Imbornto

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Chad Royal-Pascoe, Vice President, National Strategic Alliances, March of Dimes about its new cause marketing initiative called Imbornto (I'm Born To). 
This is an interesting new endeavor as it reflects a growing trend among nonprofits to own a particular month or season and to bundle advertising and other promotions for maximum impact. For March of Dimes it's the time between Mother's and Father's Day. Chad explains why everyone born in the past 75 should be connected with March of Dimes and how companies can benefit from hitching their cause marketing efforts to this new effort.

Ep 08: Nonprofit Technology Conference: Mobile Rules, Pinterest Drools

Listen to Ep 08: Nonprofit Technology Conference: Mobile Rules, Pinterest Drools

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan and I talk with Frank Barry, Director of Digital Strategy at Blackbaud, about this week's Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in San Francisco.

  • We discuss what the hot topic is this year at NTC - mobile technology - and surprisingly what's not - Pinterest!
  • Frank also discusses a new report out from Blackbaud on the state of social networking with nonprofits and how they're leveraging blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other networks for good.
  • Finally, Frank gives us an update on his three-month old triplets and how much he misses changing dirty diapers when he's away at conferences such as NTC.

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Ep 07: Automated Giving…Super Strategy or Slacktivism?

Listen to Ep 07: Automated Giving…Super Strategy or Slacktivism?

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe chat with John Ludlow, Chief Strategy Officer for Snoball about automated giving. We learn more about the Snoball platform, pontificate about why embedded giving is the wave of the future, dismiss claims of slacktivism, and speculate about ways that automated giving can become a cause marketer's dream. Also, Joe suggests best practice phone greetings…be sure to stay tuned all the way to the end of the episode for these valuable gems!

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Cause Talk Radio Ep 06: Raise Money, Awareness with These Three Nonprofit Contests

Listen to Ep 06: Raise Money, Awareness with These Three Nonprofit Contests

Nonprofit contests are a dime a dozen, it seems. Today, Joe and Megan highlight three great contests that are either open for submissions currently or will be taking place in the near future. First, Ifdy Perez, Community Manager for Razoo, joins us to share "Twive and Receive", a nation-wide fundraising campaign that pits city against city in a one-day fundraising effort on May 24. Then we take a look at Toyota's "100 Cars for Good" campaign (deadline March 26th) and what Toyota does to make this campaign appealing for nonprofits and how it boosts their brand at the same time. Finally, we bring Sherri Wood, founder of nonprofit One Warm Coat, into the conversation to talk about the Cause Marketing Forum/AOL Impact 'Share Your Cause' contest (deadline March 30). As the winner of this contest last year, Sherri talks about why this particular contest was of interest to their nonprofit and what the benefit was to her cause. Join us for all this and more!

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Cause Talk Radio Ep 05: SxSW's Homeless Hotties

Listen to Ep 05: SxSW's Homeless Hotties

This week, Megan and Joe chat with homeless advocate Mark Horvath and Cause Media Group CEO Chris Noble about SxSW. Were the Homeless Hotspots truly a shameless promotion or actually a great idea? Chris and Mark share their fervent opinions. Also, is SXSW the place to be for nonprofits or are their conference funds better spent at other conferences?

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Cause Talk Radio Ep 04: Bikinis that Give Back and Cities that Give Big

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and Joe talk with Geoff Livingston, author and Vice President at Razoo.com. We discuss a new Case Foundation report on Giving Days, and the success small nonprofits in Washington D. C. have had with the program. Up to 40 U. S. cities may roll out Giving Days in 2012. We also talk about The Nature Conservancy's partnership with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue that has created a firestorm of controversy—especially among staffers—for the country's leading environmental organization.


Cause Talk Radio Ep 03: Cause Platforms, Pinterest, and Pictures

Listen to Ep 03: Cause Platforms, Pinterest, and Pictures

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk (online) platforms, Pinterest (again) and (motion) pictures.
  • Joe's bullish on new, Boston-based online content service Swoop and shares how this might be used for cause marketing.
  • Pinterest is social media's golden child but will legal concerns over terms of use preclude passionate pinners from sticking around?
  • Megan talks about how major motion pictures are turning to cause to launch new films, establish co-branding partnerships and increase promotional reach.  But for 'The Lorax' movie, environmentalists are crying foul. Here all this and more in today's episode!

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Cause Talk Radio Ep 02: Pinterest for Nonprofit Marketing

Listen to Ep 2: Pinterest for Nonprofit Marketing

Social media consultant and Pinterest Superuser Noland Hoshino joins Joe and Megan to discuss the phenomenal growth of Pinterest as a social platform and how companies, causes and cause marketers can reach its 10 million+, primarily-female users to visually capture their brand story and why they’d want to. We’ve yet to see any active cause marketing campaigns on Pinterest but Megan, Joe and Noland pontificate on ways cause marketers could use this medium for good. Noland shares which brands are using Pinterest well and who’s missing the Pinterest boat. Stay tuned to discover Noland’s “6 foot” rule.

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Cause Talk Radio Ep 01: Facebook Cause Marketing Requires Horse Sense

Stay up to date on all things cause marketing and corporate-nonprofit partnerships, including trends, tactics and need-to-know news in new weekly podcast, Cause Talk Radio.  Join Joe Waters of SelfishGiving.com and Megan Strand of the Cause Marketing Forum in this lively, edutational weekly podcast! Thanks to RashPixel.tv for producing the show and Noland Hoshino of BCause Media for logo artwork.

Listen Now: Cause Talk Radio Ep 01: Facebook Cause Marketing Requires Horse Sense

Facebook will roll out Timeline for brands at the end of the month. Joe, Megan and John Haydon discuss how this could potentially be used for sharing cause marketing stories even more effectively in this medium.  ‘Like for donation’ campaigns are popular but also a dime a dozen.  How nonprofits have upped the ante when it comes to Facebook voting contests.  Two Facebook Valetine’s Day cause marketing promotions and how online translates to offline engagement.  Companies and causes tend to be commitment shy in this medium and why that should change.  Also, how to keep updated on all things Facebook and why you should want to.  Plus how you could win a copy of Facebook Marketing for Dummies by our own John Haydon.

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Staying Up to Date on Facebook Changes

This Message May Save The Life of A Child You Know: Read and Share

Today I'm posting a letter that was sent to me by a friend as the anniversary of her son's fall from his bedroom window approaches.  Becca is one of the most intelligent and conscientious people I know, married to an equally-intelligent and conscientious firefighter.  If this horror could happen to their family, it could happen to anyone's.  Becca has the courage to share her story to protect others from suffering as her family has.  Please take a moment today and read her story and her message and then think carefully:  who do you know that has a pre-school aged child or younger?  Share this message with them today.

Our son fell out his window, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and it was our fault. Many people have told us that we're the best parents they know and that accidents just happen sometimes, so we shouldn't blame ourselves. But we know the truth is that our sweet son's fall  was preventable. In writing this, I must revisit that day and the agony, fear and sorrow that followed it but I'm writing because I hope our story will motivate you to safegurad your windows in time to protect your children from our son's fate.

For those of you who don't want to go through the whole sad story, I'll skip to the point. GET WINDOW GUARDS FOR YOUR WINDOWS IF YOUR KIDS ARE YOUNGER THAN SIX AND YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE STORY TO YOUR HOUSE. I wish someone had reached us with that message before October 21st, 2010 when our 3-year old fell through his screen onto concrete fifteen feet below.

If you're tempted to let yourself think something like this couldn't happen to you, think again. If you believe these kinds of accidents just happen to unintelligent or uninvolved parents, please read on.

Why didn't we have window guards on our windows?  It wasn't neglect or laziness, it was because we didn't fully understand them. But don't assume that means we were negligent parents who were unaware of protecting our children's safety. We own and have read many parenting books; thousands of pages of good parenting information. Looking back on it, I even see that there is some information about window safety in them but we still somehow missed the important details of it. We had read about window locks, but thought it was the ordinary locks that were part of our windows, not the child-proof, after-market locks that allow for easy removal in case of fire and are designed to allow windows to open but not to such an extent that a child can fall out. The explanation for that lapse isn't lack of IQ or lack of caring. It's just that parenting is an enormous job with so many components that we missed this one safety device.

We did have many other child protection devices. In fact, we'd gone beyond the well-known safety products such as outlet covers. For example, we had mesh over the rails on our deck even though the deck isn't very high. After a thorough research on car safety, we'd opted for Britax car seats and even have our seven-year-old in a 5 point harness with side impact protection.  I'd also made a call to the Washington Poison Center to request Mr. Yuk stickers and put them on anything that might be poisonous for kids to drink even though they were all in locked cabinets.

Most heartbreaking is that we had the cords for our blinds wrapped up high so he couldn't reach them and accidentally choke himself. In fact, it was those cords that he was fascinated by and reaching for the day he fell from his window.  It was nap time and since he wasn't tired, he was just quietly playing in his room.  In that one moment of childhood curiosity, he lost so much!

Nine months later, I am still haunted by visions of blood running out of my son's ear and skull, his eyes fluttering closed and by the uncertainty for his future.  My son, my husband and I, and our other two children to some extent,  will forever live in the prison created by the consequences of not installing window guards.

Our son was an intelligent, well-behaved little boy. Several days prior to his accident, my husband had explained to him very clearly how dangerous his window could be. He listened and seemed to register every bit of information. He understood it... but just at the level that a 4-year-old can, not the way adults comprehend real dangers. He was curious and in the end, talking wasn't enough. Telling kids to stay away from windows isn't necessarily enough to avoid tragedy. I wish we'd known then what we know now about window guards.

I'm certain there are many educated, involved and loving parents out there who don't have child safety window locks, but would install them if they knew the risk compared with the minimal effort and time to put them on. Talking to your children necessarily isn't enough to avoid tragedy. Fifty children a year fall from windows in Oregon alone and 5,000 nationwide. I strongly encourage you to get child safe window stops or 4-inch window opening limiters if you don't already have them.  Here are three window safety products recommended by the Safety Store located inside the Legacy Emanuel hospital:

Guardian Angel window guards 

Kid Co Window Stop

KidCo Mesh Window Guard

Window guards or child safe window locks can be simple and cheap and they are worth your child's continued well-being. The staff at the Safety Store of Emanuel hospital in Portland, OR are passionate and knowledgeable about window safety and more than willing to help. Their number is 503-413-4600.

Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Becca Cunningham


The Power of a Blank Piece of Paper

AJ and Melissa Leon inspire me.  3 years ago, by all external measure, they had it all.  AJ was a rising star on Wall Street, up for promotion.  Melissa was marking her mark on the world as an ESL teacher in the New York Public Schools.

But they weren’t happy.

Overcome by the disturbing feeling that there must be more to life, they took a leap of faith that would change not only their lives, but the lives of many, many others.

They pulled out a blank sheet of paper and set about writing down what they wanted their lives to look like.  Travel.  Service.  Sharing their gifts.

Certain they’d be homeless within 60 days, they threw caution to the wind and devised a business model that dictated that 20% of their time would be devoted to pro-bono work with changemakers.  People ‘inches from remarkable’ that just needed that extra push to communicate their good ideas to the world.  AJ and Melissa knew they could fill the gap for these changemakers.

And fill the gap they did.  Their early projects were impassioned though, they readily admit, not the most polished.  They worked with the tools at hand and developed entirely new skill sets for the web and social web.

As just one example, their work has provided funding for a village in Kenya by creating an ‘extended village’ of people who could afford to transform it into a self-sustaining community.  They recruited a local villager to blog using an old cell phone to keep the extended village informed.  Funders have chatted directly with the villagers via a GoToMeeting satellite interface.  They're about innovation.  Connection.  Sharing community.  And it shows.

Fueled by their passion and ideas, AJ and Melissa’s social focus has generated new clients (paying clients, that is) for their company, Misfit Inc.  They’ve traveled to over 40 countries over the past 3 years (and counting), working on projects about which they care deeply.

AJ and Melissa started with a blank sheet of paper and intentionally crafted a different life for themselves.  What could you create?